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The perfect intersection of fuction, and usability. By using three different frequencies, it is able to not only measure body composition; it is able to give accurate body water analysis. The ability to report total body water and express the ratio of extracellular water to total body water sets our InBody services apart.

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Weight Loss?

Let’s face it, losing weight can be a struggle. But it’s not one you have to face alone. With Top Health Coach, you’ll have a trained pro by your side every step of the way, providing customized meal plans, answering your questions, and celebrating your success.

Let’s reach your weight loss goals, together.

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Bulking Up?

Building lean muscle can be just as hard as shedding pounds. But the secret to success is the same: great nutrition and consistent effort. Your coach will be your spotter in the kitchen, providing you with customized meal plans designed for gains.

Any Top Health Coach plan can be customized for mass gain.

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Why THC?

Not getting the results you want?

Nutrition is the key to any health goal and top health coach is here to help you improve your nutrition and help lead you to healthier decisions to get the results you desire.

Need a plan or structure with your nutrition?

Let us do the planning for you and show you how to distribute out your nutrients properly throughout your diet plan to have the best results.

Difficulty staying on track?

We make it plans easy to follow to help you stay on track and enjoy your plan. Our consultants are here to help you with any questions and set appointments with you to track your results and make sure you are following your diet plan.

How do I know how much I should consume?

With our InBody analysis testing we are able to take that information and determine what calorie range you should consume to get optimal results. We can also use this machine to continue to track your results and make necessary changes as you continue your journey to a healthier you.